‘ Nature can make your life happier, brighter and better. ’


We create its functional as well as beautiful,

maximising your outdoor space

and adding the value for you.

Based in Tokyo and London, makiko design studio provides

a full garden design and installation service

including consultation, garden design, planting plans

and supervised construction and planting.


From a small balcony to a rural retreat,

We work closely with you to create beautiful garden

that is tailor-made for your needs which suites your lifestyle

and complementing the architecture of your house.


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Makiko Sato

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Makiko Sato was trained for hospitality skills at Imperial Hotel, the legendary landmark of Tokyo. Makiko deeply believes philosophy of the hospitality can be required as the idea to create nature in people needs.

Crossed over for gaining garden design skill in Writtle College in the UK. Her horticultural career initially took off as a show coordinator, she had worked for several medal winning garden designers in the Chelsea Flower Show since 2004 and for Sarah Eberle, Andy Sturgeon at the Gardening World Cup in Nagasaki, Japan.

‘When I was little, we moved down to the countryside. My parents, specially dad who was an architect, wanted me to learn and feel about the nature which has been deeply rooted as my treasure world. I have now deep appreciation to be given about the opportunities.

Thank you.


I hope to illustrate natural harmony by bringing any different styles can be unified and coexist in utter tranquillity.


Garden is a place to make people happy in the world. - makiko ’

Photo by Shu Tomioka

Video clip

TBS ‘Go Next’ July 2022