Merry Christmas Everyone 2019

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Merry Christmas Everyone 2018

Thank you all for your cooperation and kind support.

Wishing you all Merry Christmas and looking forward to seeing you soon in 2019.


Merry Christmas Everyone 2017

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Happy New Year to everyone!


Happy New Year.


I have much appreciation to all of you who have been supporting me and am not simply thanks. . .

My resolution this year is I shed like Snails! ???
I know it does sound funny. Japanese use our own Chinese Zodiac. And this year is Snails. The meaning of it is ' More challenges' as I guess. Hope you would be still friends of mine.



By the way,


As movement of the beginning of the New Year ...


I have been on construction work since last December and it has been started to discuss since the beginning of 2012. This is for a private garden or could be said ' An exterior area ' as there are parking, Gate, and planting areas. What is unignorable is some families have difficulty in walk. I call this project ' A Generation garden'. Yes. Each of them have had thought of how it functions.


I believe that the garden has to be functional. I mean I want to let the owner enjoy with what they expected. It could be just to enjoy scenery in the garden or may be someone wants to get hands dirty. I try to know how they have had life and how it is going to be. Then I would prefer sharing some tips for them.


The garden is the same as building a house. The process is taken time to get kick in. Well, I like it. It is sort of making the history for the garden with the owner.


When the garden completed, and or later, if they remembered some stories and made laugh in all, that is what a beautiful moment as also it will be a page of their history. Of course we do the best to get work done by last!


I have to get back to the beginning...


At last this project has started.

I have imported the stones named the Yorkstone from England last year.

This garden has to stay on flat paving as much as we could design and also it has to be easy to see around for a walk. Therefore I thought to keep a viewpoint to the structure which needed height as suggestion of the designs rather than having some design on paving or etc. Of course planting will be British style. But it is the plan that the plant from parents generation that has been valued more than a generation plants surely.


This project will be updated in Blog later soon. I just wanted to share some photos how it has come with Yorkstones so far for a first blog!
Thank you for reading.
Must go now.

PS: I take the order only for stones from England. Please contact me by an inquiry form in Contact us.











私は、お庭は機能的であること=使うもの と考えています。景色を楽しむ為のお庭でも、実際にご自身の手を入れるお庭であっても、その方の日々に、楽しむエッセンスを添える事=使いやすい空間のご提案に務めております。












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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Season's Greetings
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