Five Senses Garden,Tokyo German, Japan

April, 2020

July, 2020

November, 2020


Amusement Garden


Tokyo German Village, Japan


2019 - 



Aspect & Soil

Clay loam

Hard landscape






We are targeting to create this amusement garden in people's needs with SDGs way. Five senses, which is our concept for this garden, are very meaningful for human as sensing these associates with to help us understand and perceive the world which gives us importance of existing ourself.


Only trees had suffered by huge scale typhoon (2019)was taken down for safe but sill have kept some damaged trees to tell us about the nature disasters. Rocks which are laid out on the garden were collected from just down the road which had ignored for a while. A children house was build in their size which is linked to some bird houses on trees.

Italian roof terra-cotta which were also brown away by the typhoon were layered under the wood-decking for ventilation and also for being meant by an insect hotel.


Planting scheme is based on English garden but also very naturalistic harmony style.